New Shop Opening: Nanaimo

Coming this fall, Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop will be opening a new location in Nanaimo! Not only are we excited for another excuse to experience Vancouver Island in all its rugged glory, we are even more stoked to offer more cuts and shaves to our mo-bros and bearded brethren than ever before.

To celebrate our new shop opening this fall and all things Nanaimo, we thought we would offer you a glimpse into Nanaimo life so you can experience it like a local.


White Sails
Built on the site of the old Newcastle Hotel, White Sails Brewing  is close to the downtown waterfront, across the street from Maffeo Sutton Park. The ambiance combined with great craft beers is what White Sails is all about! The excitement of sailing on the open ocean, the exhilaration when you get going and the peacefulness and relaxed feeling of being so close to nature all symbolize the ambiance in White Sails’ taproom.


Photos courtesy of Facebook

2. Take the Ferry

Ferry and seaplanes offer services to most of the islands surrounding Nanaimo. Home to provincial parks with huge, old growth forests and giant trees. Get outside and explore them! Head to New Castle Island  (Saysutshun to the local Indigenous Peoples) or Gabriola Island and start feeling like the lumberjack you are.

3. Eat

Downtown Nanaimo Farmers Market
Located at the harbour, where you will be at the centre of Nanaimo’s distinct culture and outdoor beauty, this Farmer’s Market features local food and crafts each Friday from 10am – 2pm. The market is now in its 19th year. It is open this year until October 6th.

Gabriel’s Gourmet Cafe
An incredibly popular brunch spot, Gabriel’s sources the freshest ingredients directly from the farmer. They’ve built up several partnerships with local, small-scale, family farms to bring you fresh, seasonal vegetables, free range eggs, and pasture-fed, ethically-raised meats. They post the specials on Instagram everyday.

4. Get Your Fix

When you need a bit of a pick me up to help get yourself off of “island time” visit the crew at Regard Coffee Roasters. Established in 2015, they’ve built themselves a name as the friendliest coffee shop in town.

5. Look Good

Before you get too far into exploring everything that Nanaimo has to offer, make sure you look good doing it. Check in for some He-Time at our Tommy Guns Original Barbershop location in Nanaimo opening this Fall!