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The best there is, includes shampoo, scalp massage, cut, style, and straight razor finish at back of the neck.
The classic cut & style for tomorrow’s rockstars. Ages 0-11
No fuss, all buzz. Scalp massage, shampoo & cut.


The best shave of your life. Hot towels, shaving creams & oils, straight-razor shave, cold-towel compress & soothing lotions.
So fresh, so clean. Hot towels, gel, straight-razor shave & cooling lotion.
Trim & shape your mustache or beard.
Closer. Smoother. Manlier. Hot towels, lather, oil treatment, straight-razor shave, cooling lotion, the works.


Reach new levels of follicular glory. Scalp massage, exfoliate & style.
Look and feel like a million bucks. Scalp massage, shampoo & style.
Keep your style on point. Highlights, lowlights or full-color treatments.
Tweeze, shape & tidy.

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The Original Barbershop.

Blending 1930's vintage barbershops with all the modern amenities and products of fine men's grooming, Tommy Gun's Original Barbershop is the go to get 5-star hot towel shaves, haircuts, and more.