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Step #1 – Prep your Face

First things first, get your face wet to open your pores and make your hair stand up more. Either hit the shower or use a hot towel to prep your face.

Step #2 – Pre-Shave Oil

After your shower grab the pre-shave oil. Put a few drops in your palm, rub ’em together and work the oil into your beard for an extra smooth shave and protection from razor burn.

Step #3 – Wet Your Brush

Before you get to work, be sure to soak your brush in a bowl or mug of hot water. (hint: do this while you shower). Remove brush from bowl when you’re ready to shave and squeeze bristles vigorously. Give it a god shake as well. A properly soaked brush will make for a much better later.

Step #4 – Build Your Lather

When It comes to building a great lather, you have two choices; shaving soap or cream. If you’re a soap guy, start by loading your brush with soap, add a little water in your bowl, then swirl the brush in the bowl in a circular motion to build lather. If you prefer shaving cream, add a dollop to your brush, then swirl it around your bowl, gradually adding water as needed to build lather. In either case you’re looking to build dense and heavy lather, almost meringue- like in consistency. If its too bubbly, keep swirling to thicken. If its too thick, add a few drops of water and keep swirling until you achieve the right consistency.

Step #5 – Apply Your Lather

Once you’re are confident you have a good and thick lather, start applying it evenly across your face. Now you’re ready to shave.

Step # 6 – Shave

Safety razor or straight razor, you really cant go wrong. However, GO SLOW. Especially if you’re new to wet shaving… these bad boys are sharp! Many men find that doing multiple passes and applying cream between each pass is ideal. It’s best to go with the grain, across the grain, and finally against the grain if your skin isn’t too sensitive. But to avoid a Sweeny Todd situation, there is no shame in just going with the grain until you get the hang of it. Take your time. Enjoy yourself. And if you really must, send your grandfather (or some other old-timer) a quick selfie to restore his faith in man kind.

Step #7 – After Shave

Immediately after shaving, rinse your face with cold water to remove excess cream and close your pores. Apply a quick hit of aftershave and you’re ready to party.

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