Haircuts, shaves, product. Basically, everything you need to look and feel your manly best. Check-in now at any Tommy Gun’s location.


Turn heads with a timeless style. Head massage, shampoo, cut & style.

Put a lot of swagger in your step. Head massage, shampoo, cut, style & straight-razor neck shave.

No fuss, all buzz. Head massage, shampoo & cut.

For tomorrow’s rockstars. Head massage, shampoo, cut & style. Ages 11 and under.


The best shave of your life. Hot & cold compress towels, shaving creams & oils. The works!

So fresh, so clean. Hot towels, gel, straight-razor shave & cooling lotion.

Tame that glorious beast. Trim, shape & style.

Closer. Smoother. Manlier. Hot towels, lather, oil treatment & cooling lotion. The works!

& More

Keep your style on point. Highlights, lowlights or full-colour treatments.

Reach new levels of follicle glory. Massage, exfoliate & style.

Look and feel like a million bucks. Head massage, shampoo & style.

Unibrow control to Major Tom. Tweeze, shape & tidy.

Enjoy a higher standard of style. Every cut includes a free beverage, head massage and the remote to put the game on your in-mirror TV.