High Performance, Built-in ion generator, 2 speed and 3 heat settings plus a cool shot button, Removable noise reducing filter, 3 snap-on concentrator nozzles included (60, 75, 90 mm), 1875 watts, 4 year warranty.

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Increased air power dries hair faster than high heat alone and delivers unprecedented power and performance. Handcrafted at our own manufacturing facility in Bergamo, Italy. Time is money!

  • Built-in ion generator
  • 2 speed and 3 heat settings plus a cool shot button
  • Removable noise reducing filter
  • 3 snap-on concentrator nozzles included (60, 75, 90 mm)
  • 1875 watts
  • 4 year warranty
  • Compatible with the BABDF2 diffuser
  • Drawstring pouch included
  • Made in Italy
  • Up to 50% Faster Drying

Over 50% Quieter Operation
Removable noise-reducing filter lowers the dryer’s decibel level, creating a quieter working environment and a better overall salon experience.

Up to 10,000 Hours at Full Power
The MaxLife PRO brushless motor eliminates parts that wear out over time – delivers up to 5 times longer life than traditional dryer motors.

40% Lighter Than Other Dryers Less Than 1 L B. ( 400 g )
The secret is inside – internal construction expertly engineered to significantly reduce dryer weight. Add to that the ultra-light MaxLife PRO brushless motor to experience the lightest weight, high-performance professional dryer ever made. This dryer is exceptionally comfortable to use.