Behind the Barber Chair with Faren Yaskiw

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At Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop we know that the people who cut hair in our shops are by far some of the coolest and arguably the best barbers in any city. That’s why we’ve started our blog series called “Behind the Barber Chair” to showcase some of this talent and spread the word about the folks in our barbershops. For our inaugural edition, we decided to sit down with one of our National Educators. This is Behind the Barber Chair with Faren Yaskiw.

Faren grew up in the small town of Strathmore, just east of Calgary and has been a licensed hairstylist since 2005. Her switch to barbering began just shy of 4 years ago, as did her experience with Tommy Gun’s. “I decided to be a barber when I realized women’s hair wasn’t my passion anymore.” Says Yaskiw “I really enjoyed cutting, but not so much the chemical processes. Instead of giving up on the industry as a whole I wanted to give barbering a try.”

“I love the environment, the conversation, and guests that I work with on the daily in the barbershop”

The environment, the conversation, and the guests give Faren everything she needs to remain passionate about her work.  Now going on 4 years strong at the Calgary East Hills location, and a National Educator for Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop, Faren has had the opportunity to shake hands with many talented barbers. We asked her who she looks up to as a barber and she told us  “One person that stands out in my mind that I admire their skill and technique would be Shon Lawhon (@slawhon) from Layrite. His passion for the industry, His vision, his technical ability is nothing short of amazing.”

So the next time you are in Calgary googling ” Barbershops Near Me” check-in online and get a hot shave from one of the best in the biz.

That’s it for this Edition of Behind the Barber Chair – Big thanks to Faren for taking the time to sit down with us.


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