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Tommy Gun’s Shop Reopening Status

Welcome back to Tommy Gun’s Original Barbershop! The health and safety of both our Guests and Team Members is our top priority, and with that in mind we have new Barbershop procedures that are in place to keep your Barbershop experience safe.

1. Fully sanitize the chair and station.
2. Sanitize all tools and equipment.
3. Thoroughly wash or disinfect our hands.

1. Our check-in screens will be unavailable at the Barbershop, however our Team will be able to check you in once you arive in Shop. You can also check-in using our app or click the CHECK-IN below beside your Barbershop to check-in here.
2. Please practice social distancing while in our Shop and try to limit bringing additional people with you.
3. The handshake is officially on hold, but we will of course still greet you with a smile.
4. Your will be asked to sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer provided prior to your service beginning.
5. We will not be accepting cash payments at this time. Debit or credit only please.
6. Please do not come in if you or anyone in your household is exhibiting fever, cold or flu-like symptoms OR if you have traveled (including Canada) in the last 14 days.
7. You will receive a call confirming your estimated wait time before your service. Wait to enter the Shop until 5 minutes before your service.

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Tommy Gun’s Shop Reopening Status

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